Eurobarometer 2007


A project funded by the European Union, through the Europe Phare Fund 2006, the Visual Eurobarometer is a communication platform that includes a call for projects , a series of awards – 3 prizes and 3 mentions, but also a series of theoretic seminars and a traveling exhibition, accompanied by a catalogue.

The second edition of the project invites Romanian artists to reflect on the theme of NEIGHBOURHOOD – a daily practice of social values. This general theme brings into discussion sensitive concepts in our society, such as: cooperation, tolerance, equality, (self) respect, solidarity, understanding the positive role of (cultural) diversity.

The artists are invited to express through visual means the way “NEIGHBOURHOOD” – in Romanian society, that wishes to be considered a European one – reflects a set of values, not only at a conceptual level, but on a practical one as well. The media invited are: photography, video, animation, web art, object, multiples, participative projects, interventions in public space.

The calendar of the project comprises the following steps: a preparatory stage, a pre-selection and the final stage: installing and traveling of the exhibition, launching the catalogue and awarding the prizes.

Participation in the first stage is compulsory in order to apply with projects. Aimed at providing a basis for better understanding the theme, it consists of two seminars organized simultaneously in Bucharest , Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara (17 th , 25 th of March 2007).

The second stage consists of a pre-selection of artistic projects (deadline for submission 25 th of April). The pre-selection takes into consideration if the projects submitted fit in the given theme. The artistic quality of the project and its originality is also considered. Projects can be sent by e-mail (, by mail at ICCA 1-827 or can be brought at the ICCA office. The meeting of the pre-selection jury is scheduled for 27 th of April, beginning with 10.30. The results will be announced after the 30 th of April.

The selected works will be included in the exhibition and in the catalogue, and they will take part in the final contest. The organizers do not cover the production expenses. The authors of the selected projects will have to confirm their participation and their ability to produce their works.

The final stage represents the installation of the exhibition in Bucharest in the second half of June. The opening will also be the launching event for the catalogue and for the awarding of the prizes that will be announced by the members of the international jury, who will meet in the day before the opening. By the end of October the exhibition will travel to Cluj, Iasi and Timisoara .