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The International Center for Contemporary Art – ICCA is an independent institution that has been active for over seven years as a dynamic and flexible interface between the Romanian and the international art scene.

The projects developed are aimed at complementing the other activities in the field (state run or independent). They primarily address the young generation of artists, critics, educators, cultural managers, art lovers. ICCA activities are focused on alternative art, new media, multiculturalism and interdisciplinarity.

ICCA is a non-governmental foundation, apolitical and non-profit funded in 1999 in Bucharest, whose mission is to promote Romanian contemporary art, to stimulate cultural exchanges between Romania and other countries in the world and to facilitate the information exchange on the art of today.

The priority of the program strategy is the participation on the international art scene, by establishing collaborative partnerships with similar centers and institutions, for generating exhibition projects, information exchanges, residency opportunities for artists, visiting students, guest professors etc.

One of the main assets of ICCA is the networking. The Center is member in a series of formal or informal networks in the field of contemporary art. It also developed collaborative projects with prestigious international art institutions, artist and curators.

In 2007 ICCA is:
A RESOURCE CENTER with a data collection on Romanian contemporary artists; a library; a video / multimedia / slide collection;
A CREATIVE LAB , exploring and promoting the creative and communicational resources of new technologies in art;
AN ARTISTIC PLATFORM focused on researching the inter-relationship between contemporary creation (as a tool in disseminating values and trans/forming mentalities) the city and the urban community.

ICCA activities and projects are aimed at developing a better knowledge and understanding of the contemporary artistic phenomenon, at supporting Romanian artist and strengthening their position on the international scene as well as at inviting and educating the public in better understanding contemporary art.